The Players

The Bendays is a band of four multi-instrumentalist song-writers.

Andy Davis played in numerous bands, including his own band, Pixels (2012-2018)He plays guitar, keyboard, and sings with the Bendays. (Further reading: Doo Radley, pixels and the Bendays)

Shawn Faber is the brainchild of cult-band Hi-Watts. He has played with many bands on many instruments. Shawn (mostly) plays drums in the Bendays.

Scott Macreading, with The Aquatic Symphony, released several DIY records. He has self recorded across genres & composed for independent film. Scott plays bass guitar and sings in the Bendays.

Lawrence Stumpf was lead guitarist in Pixels. Lawrence performed with The French Kicks for most the aughts before moving to Providence. He plays electric guitar, keyboard, and sings in the Bendays.