Coming soon – winter 2020.

A full length debut album from the Bendays will be released by winter 2020 – featuring 10 tracks recorded by the band at subModern audio over the course of a year (2018/2019).


Dots (2018) [subModern Records, SM-BD1810MP]

Available on cassette and streaming.

Dots is the first record by the Bendays to feature a full band. The songs are pulled from older material, some from Pixels, but all were re-worked and re-interpreted.

Listening Station (2018) [subModern Records, SM-BD1801MP]

Listening Station is a compilation of recordings made between 2014 and 2017 that was released exclusively as part of a tape set collection that was an installation at the Art Salon I Want 2 Make Love 2 You on a Bed of Lettuce, in January 2018. it is no longer available. 

The Olneyville Square (2012)

Original version:
2017 remastered version:

Originally released as a Doo Radley record, Olneyville square has songs that were later re-recorded and performed by Pixels. In 2017 Andy re-mastered, and in some cases remixed, the songs for a release on Spotify, which includes alternate cover art, bonus songs. For the streaming releasethe Beach Boys cover (Girl Don’t Tell Me) was removed due to “copyright” issues.

Purple Eights (2009)

Released as Doo Radley & on bandcamp only, this was the first collection of songs written, recorded and released by Andy alone.

Other Recordings:

re:Work (2016) was an extremely limited (3 copies?) cassette of cover recordings with typed artwork on heavy watercolor paper. Covers included songs by Blur, Vivian Girls, the Beach Boys, Lana Del Rey, Sky Ferrera, the Low Anthem and others.  It is a prototype for a full album of covers that is still planned for a future release.
Pop! (2015) was a limited edition CD-r release made for a show at Psychic Readings with Shannon Lay of Feels, Jess Matsen, and Chris Faulkner of GYMSHORTS. The version of End of Days from this version was rereleased on Listening Station. bendays cd.psd